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Greek White Wine Delivery in Mykonos

Treat yourself to this mythical Ovilos white wine, Domaine Biblia Chora. Do you like white Graves? This is their tropical version! Light yellow with a green hue, aromas of peach and vanilla with a hint of fresh grapefruit and mineral notes. A wonderful texture adds to a remarkable minerality.  A Greek white wine that offers a mix of grape varieties between Semillon and Assyrtiko!
Fruity and fresh, it is the ideal wine for summer aperitifs! Enjoy your holiday in Mykonos by ordering this delicious wine, just place your order and we will take care of everything. 

Ovilos Greek wine - Mykonos wine shop online

It is the result of the combination of two excellent grape varieties - Assyrtiko and Sémillon (a Bordeaux grape variety), which can be found in the hottest but driest part of the vineyard, along the Pangeon hillside. The aromatic expression and impressive aging capacity of Semillon are complemented by the power, organization and extraordinary acidity of Assyrtiko. 

The wine is light green with a bright yellow color. The fine nose is distinctive, with apricot and honey aromas coexisting with tropical fruit and citrus sounds. All of the above are intensified by a taste of delicate nuts and spice.
The rich nature is in perfect balance with the abundance of citrus, honey and nut aromas and refreshing acidity. 

Alcohol content: 13.5 %

Serving temperature: 12°C.

Food and White wine Alcohol pairing :

large grilled fish, seafood risotto, sushi, duck or stuffed turkey, rich cheese soufflé.

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