Coronavirus : Greece is slowly reopening the country

grece restaurants coronavirus

Restaurants & cafés

Restaurants and cafes in Greece will be allowed to reopen on May 25, as coronavirus restrictions continue to be eased across the country.

 The announcement was made following the recommendations of the Infectious Diseases Committee at the Health Ministry.

These businesses should have opened on 1 June, but given the low number of cases diagnosed, this will be done in advance.

Shopping malls

Shopping malls will reopen to the public this Monday, May 18, two weeks earlier than the initial plan.

The decision was announced by Minister of Development Adonis Georgiadis, who also said that zoological parks, botanical gardens, aesthetic and dietary institutes, and dog training services will also reopen on Monday.

The committee was swayed to allow the reopening of malls specifically after a detailed plan presented by the Ministry of Development included a series of safety measures. This fact, together with the positive news from the front of the epidemiological development, contributed to the green light.


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