What do you need to know about Mykonos history

Are you planning to visit Mykonos soon? You love the landscapes and the weather but you want to know more about mykonos to impress your friends or for your own personnal culture then you are on the right place.

Let's know more about Mykonos Island together

Who where the first habitants in Mykonos Island?

It was the Egyptian, the Ikarians, the Phoenicians and the Minoans, ousted by the Ionians who conquered Mykonos on circa 1000 BC. During years, the island had many rulers: Romans, Byzantines, Venetians ans Ottomans. At the early 19th century, Mykonos emerged as an important supplying station for ferign merchant ships, whereas Mykonos were engaged successfully in seafaring, after their acquaintance with privacy. With the creation of the Greek state after the revolution of 1821, a bourgeoise class emerged and the Mykonian poor shepherds, winemakers and sailors evolved to businessman of the tourism sector.

When do the tourists starts to come in Mykonos Island? 

The 'age' of tourism emerged during the 30's for the first time. Thanks to Delos Island and the discovery of some breathtaking antiquities, some of the most famous celebrity at that time were enchanted by an ever rarer discovery, the beauty of the Island. The reflection of the sun on the white landscape, the sandy beaches and the calmness that prevailed on the then unknown island created an unprecedented feeling of freedom that attracted more and more politicians businessmen and artistes from all over the world. Then, from the 60's, Mykonos has been established as the celebrities island.

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