Why should I spend my holidays in Mykonos island ?

The star of all the touristic island in Greece, Mykonos is the most popular and festive Greek Island. During the summer season many tourist are coming to enjoy their holidays in the island of Mykonos. 

Why should you spend your next holidays in Mykonos?

1 - Everything in Mykonos is made to make you feel welcome and happy.

Mykonos is one of the most beautiful Island of the Cyclades islands and also one of the most popular in term of tourist. The international airport of Mykonos has direct flights to the main cities and it's very easy to reach the Island of Mykonos. If you just have 1 week or 10 days holidays and you don't want to spend days in ferries and flights, then Mykonos is the perfect spot for you. At the opposite of the other Cyclades islands, in Mykonos you can find plenty hotels and airbnb where you can stay at any budget. From the fenciest places to the most typical and simple you can find anything you are looking for in the Island of Mykonos.

2 - The landscapes are breathtaking 

From everywhere in the Island of Mykonos you can catch breathtaking landscapes, sunrise and sunset. Trust me, you will never be disappointed by the views. Either you are on the beach, at the city center, restaurant or enjoying a glass of Miraval rosé at the 180 sunset bar, you will always be delighted by the landscapes. The blue of the sky combined with the blue of the Agean sea and the white of the houses is at the time very sophisticated and simple. 

3 - The beaches are fabulous

Imagine yourself, it's a sunny day in the middle of the summer and you are at the beach in Mykonos, the sand is fine and warm, the water is clean and at the perfect temperature, you are enjoying a fresh glass of Minuty rosé wine. The sky is blue and you can feel a small salty breeze. You are laying in your confortable sunbed listening a bossa nova song in good company, it's perfect isn't? 

4 - The food is delicious 

Greek gastronomy is well known all around the world, the mediterranean greek food is healthy and delicious. You can enjoy a fresh tzatziki with a glass of local white wine, a plate of grilled meat with a delicious local red wine and for the dessert you can sip a fresh glass of Romassan rosé  with a watermelon and a bite of the typical orange cake. The Myconian food is generous, healthy, varied and delicious. Ether you are a vegetarian, vegan, meat or fish lover you will find the perfect spot according to your taste. 

5 - It's a party Island 

If you want to dance night and day, meet cool people and have fun all the time then Mykonos is made for you. There is many nightclubs where you can dance until the sunrise while drinking delicious Dom Pérignon champagne and meeting nice peoples. Even if you don't like those sleepless nights, you can have a lot of fun during the day time. In mykonos you can be yourself and you can do whatever you want at anytime. 

6 - You can order you favorite wine, champagne, spirit or snacks at anytime with us

If you are renting a villa during your holidays and you want to invite some friends of you, you will need some wine and snacks. We can deliver you everything you want at anytime, day or night in you villa or appartement. It's very easy you just have to place your order in our website and we will send one of our delivery man to you. Even if you are running out of wine at 1am you can still place your order and receive your delivery right after. If you are planing to host a special event as a party, a bachelor party, a wedding or a birthday and you need a large amount of bottle you can contact us and we will do our best to help you in the organisation of your event. Moreover, if you need a special bottle, something very specific feel free to contact us and we will for sur deliver anything you need as fast as possible. 

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